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Help us save lives by opening your home to kitties in need! HCN's fostering program focuses on the health and socialization of kittens and tame adults rescued in San Mateo County. We provide close, supportive coaching and all equipment, plus we reimburse for food and litter. We emphasize a positive, supportive environment where we work together on fostering and adoptions.

Please fill out the following application so we may have more information about your prior experience and expectations. If you have any questions, please email Thank you!    
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Your name: *
How long are you available to foster?  We ask that you commit to keeping your foster kitties until they can be adopted, unless pre-arranged otherwise. The typical fostering period is 3-4 months for kittens, and longer for an adult. *
Street Address *
City, State, ZIP *
If you rent, do you have landlord permission to foster cats temporarily (usually 1-4 months)?
Best phone number to call or text you: *
Your occupation: *
How many adults (18 years or older) live in your household?
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How many children aged 7-17 years live in your household?
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How many children aged 6 years or younger live in your household?
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Please tell us about any previous fostering experience--the kinds of animals you've fostered, and for how long. *
If you've fostered before, please tell us with which shelters or rescue groups you've done so: *
Tell us why you would like to foster and what your ideal fostering situation would be (i.e.,  sibling kittens, adult cat, etc).  If kittens, how many kittens (minimum of 2) can you foster at one time? *
Where will the cat/kittens be kept?  Do you have an extra room available. (Please be specific): *
How long, on average, will foster kitties be left alone each day?   *
Are there currently any other pets in your home? *
If Yes, please tell us the number and types of pets you have. *Please note, you will need a place to keep foster animals away from your own animals initially, for slow-introduction purposes and also for health reasons.
Are you willing to administer medications should the animal require it?   *
Would you would be able to transport foster kitties to veterinary appointments and the spay/neuter clinic? Let us know if you have scheduling constraints. HCN manages all spay/neuter and routine medical visits, and pre-authorizes all veterinary expenses. *
Which of the following adoption process tasks would you be comfortable with? *
Is there any information you would like to add or questions you might have?                                                       If you are only available to foster for a specific period of time, please note that here.
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