Yard Sign Request
Do you or a friend live in Stan's college board district (Supervisor District 4)?

We appreciate your show of support!

If you aren't sure if you are in Stan's district, use the link below to check on the Maricopa's Recorder's website.


Type the address in the search box at the Recorder's website. If it lands in the green area, your address is in Stan's district. :)

Fill in the information below to complete the request.

Do you want yard signs? We have them!
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Would you like to become a volunteer to help delivering signs to other people who want a yard sign?
Note: If you are a Maricopa Community College Employee, there are alternate delivery locations near the campuses you work at. If this is an option you prefer, let us know which campus you work at and we'll contact you to make arrangements to meet with you in person to give you a sign to take home outside of accountability hours.
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A volunteer will contact you to drop off a yard sign at your address or near a campus. To complete your request, click Submit below.
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