Operations Officer Application 2019
Applications are rolling, which means that we select applicants, interview, and fill positions immediately. So it is in your best interest to apply early before the role you want is no longer open.
By applying, you understand that you must attend orientation on April 27, 2019 and that you will have to begin working on Hacklahoma/attend Hacklahoma meetings virtually over the summer.

April 12, 2019: Deadline to apply
April 19, 2019: LAST day for Interviews. Interviews will be conducted all the way up to this date.
April 27, 2019: Mandatory Orientation

-Responsible for event operations, including the improvement and optimization of operations.
-Responsible for researching and touring prospective event venues.
-Responsible for designing venue layout. Responsible for ensuring that all activities and workshops proposed by Experience Officers are doable in event space.
-Responsible for creating and managing event schedule
-Responsible for event safety/risk management. Works with Faculty Advisor as liaison for OU Office of Risk Management.
-Responsible for Hacklahoma asset inventory.

Requirements to Apply:
-Industrial Systems Engineering major preferred but not required.
-Excellent communication and organization skills.

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