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Kros Strain Brewing has long held the belief that to be a successful company, we must be part of the overall community. We are dedicated to supporting our community and promoting a culture of social responsibility, collaboration and involvement (gift certificates, occasional beer festival and in our event room) where are beers are distributed, throughout Nebraska and Iowa.

We get A LOT of requests for sponsorships and donations, we will try to support your organization if possible, please understand that we cannot guarantee a reply. Requests will only be considered if submitted at least one month prior to the event. It can take up to 30 days or more process a donation request. Donation processing cannot be expedited. Due to licensing, we are unable to donate bottled beers and politely decline cash donations.


Educational, environmental, humane and scientific organizations
Health and human service providers
Religious groups (all denominations)
Cultural and artistic institutions
Membership groups such as business associations
Family foundations


Networking events, mixers or conferences
Events hosted by a retail company to bring attention to the organization itself, its products or its services (i.e. grand openings)
Additional donation requests for the same organization in the same calendar year
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Requests will only be considered if submitted AT LEAST ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE EVENT. It can take up to 30 days or more process a donation request. Donation processing cannot be expedited. Is your event at least 30 days from today? *
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