Imperial World School: Student's Feedback Form
Dear Students,

Hope you had an enriching and enjoyable year. The School would like to request you to give honest opinion about your class and subject teachers. So, please tick the appropriate box for each of the statement.

Grade *
Name of Teacher *
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Not Often
Almost Always
My teacher makes class activities interesting.
My teacher is fair with all students.
My teacher maintains discipline in the classroom.
My teacher is well prepared for class.
My teacher discusses and summarizes each lesson studied in the class.
My teacher likes it when students ask questions.
My teacher begins lessons by explaining what we are going to do and why we are going to do it.
My teacher asks questions in class to see if I understand what has been taught.
My teacher explains new ideas in a way that is easy to understand.
My teacher monitors my work, as I am doing it, to see if I understand the lesson.
My teacher is very knowledgeable about the subject he/she teaches.
My teacher uses a variety of classroom activities and resources.
My teachers provides regular home assignments.
My teachers corrects class work/homework on time/ seriously/correctly.
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