Sale of Chametz Form - Pesach 2019
Giffnock & Newlands Hebrew Congregation

Erev Pesach Times:
> Friday 19th April
> Stop eating Chametz by 10.52 am and dispose of Chametz by 12.04 pm

Mechirat Chametz
Jewish law prohibits the use or legal possession of any Chametz, leaven of any kind, on Passover. In order to be certain that all Chametz has been removed from our possession, Jewish tradition requires us to sell our remaining Chametz to a non- Jew. This Chametz, then, becomes the property of the non-Jew for the duration of Passover and should be set aside in a place in one's home that will be unused during Passover.

For your convenience we have prepared this form which will enable the sale of chametz in accordance with the guidelines of Halacha, Jewish Law. Please ensure that you submit this form before 3pm on Thursday 18th April. (Please indicate if you're going abroad for Pesach). Please note that all chametz sold this year is redeemable for congregants in Glasgow from Shabbat 27th April after 10 pm.

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