Transformational Youth Leadership Training Program (TYLP)
The Transformational Youth Leadership Training Program (TYLP) is a faith inspired, purpose-driven and change-seeking self and skills development program organised by the Caribbean Muslim Network (CMN).

The goals of the program are to
• To nurture value-based and ethically driven citizens who have a well-grounded, balanced understanding of Islam.
• To prepare Muslims to become God-conscious and people caring; conscientious, morally upright and exemplary in character.
• To develop Muslims who contribute positively to the growth and development of a just and peaceful society.
• To contribute to global progress in the political, social, economic, religious, and scientific contexts.
• To enlighten, empower and enable Muslims to become ROLE MODELS, CHANGEMAKERS and MENTORS – possessing the capacity to evaluate, form decisions and take action based on doctrinally grounded principles and beliefs, morals and ethics.

• KNOWLEDGE: Understanding of key concepts of Islamic sciences & application to contemporary issues.
• SKILLS: Personal development, ability to access primary Islamic sources, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, motivation, emotional intelligence.
• IDENTITY: Develop and gain confidence in identity as Muslims.
• CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Awareness of responsibilities to the wider society, and how to relate own personal development to effect change.

Due to Covid-19 the program will be offered as an online, interactive modularised certificate program in August 2020. This online programme integrates live webinars and tutorials with rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities.
Through questioning and case studies participants from all over the world will have opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. Participants will also undertake leadership projects in their local communities.

This programme caters for young aspiring Muslims who have a keen interest in developing their knowledge, skills and practice of leadership and management. These include students, graduates and professionals.
This programme caters for both male and female who have a keen interest in developing their knowledge, understanding, practice and skills.

• Young person, 16 years and above who are fluent in written and spoken English.
• Open to diversity of thought and have aspirations to become positive agents of change.
• Track record or aspirations of participating & volunteering in within local community.
• Can give commitment of time and energy to benefit from the programme.
• Possess basic social media and IT skills.
• A courageous, action-oriented risk taker.
• A potential strategic thinker who has creative ideas and wants to shape and influence the future.
• A reflective practitioner who wishes to learn from experience, group work, as well as formal teaching.

Sunday 9th August to Sunday 23rd August 2020

For Summer 2020 the structure of the program will be:
1. 3 Live Webinars on Sundays 10AM to 1PM EST.
2. Self-Paced Learning online.
3. Dates of Live Webinar Sun. 9th Aug., Sun. 16th Aug., Sun. 23rd Aug. 2020

Each 3 hour webinar will be divided into 3 parts
10.00AM to 10.50AM: SOURCES OF ISLAM
10.50AM to 11.40AM: LIVING ISLAM


Orientation Module (Online only)
Welcome to your Online Program
You’ll be welcomed to the programme and begin connecting with fellow students, while exploring the navigation and tools of your Online forum. Be alerted to key milestones in the learning path, and review how your results will be assessed and distributed. You’ll be required to complete your student profile, confirm your certificate delivery address.

1. Developing Your Worldview: This session introduces the concept of logical levels and helps you to better understand your vision, mission, identity, beliefs and values, capabilities, behaviour and environment by asking and reflecting on important questions.
2. Developing a Tawhidi Worldview: Why is tawhid considered to be the bedrock of our faith as Muslims? What does it really mean? How can it shape our individual and collective behaviour and bring about meaningful change?
3. Islam the Natural Way: What really does Islam and Muslim mean? Why is Muslim behaviour often inconsistent with Islam? What are implications of describing Islam as a deem al fitra? Are religions just different ways of arriving at the same Truth?

1. ‘Ilm and Taqwa: How important is knowlege in Islam? What is the relationship between faith and knowledge; What is the Adab (etiquette) of seeking knowlege? What is taqwa and why is it an important part of our faith? What is the relationship between taqwa and knowledge? How can we develop our taqwa?
2. Principles of Spirituality in Islam: What is spirituality? What diffentiates Islamic spirituality from the practices in other faiths? What are the pillars of Islamic spirituality?
3. Role of the Pillars of Islam in Personality development: Are the pillars of Islam 'means or ends'? How can the pillars of faith lead to a transformation of our personality and character? Can the pillars of Islam bring about societal transformation? If so, how?

1. Introducing the Transformational Youth Leadership Program: What is TYLP? What is it goals and objectives? Why is their a particular focus on youth? How can I get the best out of the program?
2. 7 Habits of Highly Successful People: What are the 7 key characteristics and habits of successful people? How can be incorporate them in our lives and become successful.
3. Management of Stress and Anxiety: Is stress and anxiety normal? If so, when this it become a problem? What are the symptoms and signs? How can I recognise it and treat it? If left untreated what are the consequences?

This online programme integrates live webinars and tutorials with rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities. Through questioning and case studies participants from all over the world will have opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums.

The program will be conducted by a variety of local and internalational resource persons.

The program is fully sponsored by the Caribbean Muslim Network.
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