CIE Room Booking
Students must be working on a project to reserve a room (i.e. not homework). Students must agree to the CIE Office Use Policy below prior to their first reservation. Groups that show up 15 minutes or later to their assigned reservation time forfeit their reservation.

Office Use Policy
Access to the resources offered by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a privilege provided to you and other authorized users.  With this privilege, you must understand and abide by the responsibilities that come with the privilege of use.  

Office Use – You have the responsibility to properly use and protect the resources offered to you by the CIE and to respect the rights of others using the facility.  You are responsible for cleaning the space you use.  Any trash lying around should be thrown away.  CMC and the CIE reserve the right to enter the premises that is occupied by you at any time for the purpose of inspection, repair or emergency.  Doors to rooms in the building shall remain unlocked at all times.  No equipment or furniture may be moved from other parts of the building for your use without permission.  You shall not make or permit to be made, any alterations to the premises without first obtaining the consent of the CIE Program Director or the CIE Program Coordinator.  After use, please remove all personal papers, books or any other materials.  Any materials left around will be thrown away. These facilities are not intended for sleeping and students found sleeping in the facilities overnight may be subject to disciplinary action.    

Term – Your access and use of the facilities is temporary and non-exclusive. It is for the Spring 2017 semester and will be reviewed on a semester basis thereafter and can be terminated at any time for any reason.

Quiet Enjoyment – All students that visit the CIE have the right to quiet enjoyment and any behavior that breaches this will not be condoned.  There should be no persistent noise at a level materially and substantially disruptive to others.

Meeting/Conference Room Usage – The meeting rooms can be used by any student.  If you use the conference room or other rooms in the facility, you are required to put the chairs and tables back in place and leave the rooms neat and ready for re-use when you are finished.  

Phone Usage – The phones are for business purposes and domestic calls only.  No personal phone calls are allowed.

Refrigerator and Break Area Use – The refrigerator in the common area is provided for use by all students.  You must leave room for items for other students.

Liability – You are responsible for your own belongings and actions. CMC or the CIE shall accept no responsibility for theft belonging to you.  Should any action or inaction cause damage or cost to the CIE, then that cost will be levied to you.

Acceptance of Terms – Your acceptance of access to the CIE card indicates that you acknowledge and accept the CIE’s Office Use Policy.  In addition to the acceptance of this Office Use Policy, you agree to comply with all the Rules of Conduct set forth by Claremont McKenna College, ordinances and regulations of the city, county and federal government in the operation or conduct of your business upon the CIE premises.    

Any violation of these terms will result in immediate loss of access to the CIE building.  

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