The Photo Booth Party Estimate Request Form
Each Photo Booth Party is a unique event, custom-tailored to your taste. To help us put together an estimate, please answer the questions below, and tell us a little something extra about the event you're planning.
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The Photo Booth Party is located in NYC, but will travel the United States and beyond. If you are not sure where your event will be yet, just put the the city and state.
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The Photo Booth Party can make high-quality prints at your event as a take-away for your guests. If you're not interested in this option, don't worry, all Photo Booth Parties include free web hosting for your guests to view, share, download and order prints, totes, buttons t-shirts and more!
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Would you like your guests to be able to upload their photo booth pictures while AT the event?
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Is there a theme or particular aesthetic you are working with? Let us know! Each Photo Booth is custom-designed and can be huge (to accomodate everything from solo portraits to big group shots) or tucked in a corner (if you're short on space).
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