KinoDynamique 2019
kino5 is celebrating it's 15th birthday - and what better way than with an international KinoKabaret, or as we call it in Vienna, KinoDynamique. We start on August the 15th and are excited to produce tons of fresh, innovative and diverse shortfilms with you till the final screening on the 23rd.

If you haven't been to a Dynamique or any other KinoKabaret yet, here are some impressions of what you may expect (

We have found a nice kinolab that is gonna serve you as the homebase for all your projects and which is accessable by wheelchair. We're gonna send you an e-mail with detailed infos as soon as your registration is complete. So sign up right now and join other international and filmmakers to create something new and exciting!
We would like to know who you are. Let's start with your name and if you want, your preferred pronouns. *
State your e-mail adress (will be used to send you detailed infos about KinoDynamique and the kinolab) *
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Where do you currently live?
What are you interested in doing during projects at KinoDynamique? This may be, but doesn't have to be something you already have experience with or it can be something you really want to try for the first time. It's ok if you're not sure right now. ;-) *
We will use the data you submitted so far to send you infos and updates about KinoDynamique. It will also be accessible to other participants during the event in the kinolab. *
What should we do with your data after the event? *
KinoDynamique tries to push innovative and diverse shortfilmideas. Let's work together to promote new perspectives instead of reproducing stereotypes and discriminating behaviour. In the kinolab, we also try to create a space that is comfortable for all our participants. That's why sexist, racist, homo- or transphobic behaviour should not be tolerated - neither by us nor by you. Be mindful of others and their experiences, especially if they differ from yours. The team can support you if you experience something shitty. But we also need you to be aware and willing to take good care of each other. *
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