Thank you for your interest in nominating a student for a STRIVE Student Recognition Award!

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STRIVE is the HVRSD Parent Teacher Organization supporting students with physical, cognitive, developmental & medical challenges.

The STRIVE Student Recognition Awards highlight students within our community who have shown exceptional growth or had a shining moment over the past year that aligns with one of Hopewell Valley's Six Pillars of Character (Caring, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Citizenship).

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We welcome your nominations of students you have seen flourishing, who deserve to be recognized for their unique effort or development. You can nominate an individual student, or a student group. Nominators may also submit more than one nomination!

Students may be nominated for something great they did, how hard they've worked, or an exceptional achievement -- either because it is generally exceptional or because it is an amazing achievement given that student's previous or ongoing struggles.

Both students with IEPs and students who help support those with IEPs (such as Unified Club and POOF students) are eligible for nomination.

Nominators will be asked to select the Pillar of Character that the student they are nominating exhibited.

In order to ensure a variety of students have the opportunity to be recognized, please avoid nominating a student who was awarded last year. Last year's awardees can be seen here: https://www.strivepto.org/awards-page

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There will be a total of 26 awards presented!

Elementary and secondary grades (middle and high school) will each have their own awards. For each, there will be two individual students awarded for each Pillar of Character. Additionally, there will be one student group award for each.


Nominations can be submitted through Friday, March 12, 2021 by submitting this google form. Any questions can be directed to HVRSDStrivePTO@gmail.com.

Should your nominee be selected for an award, we will ask that you submit a video presenting the award. The awardee's parent/Guardian(s) will also be requested to submit a picture for the event program. Please also do your best to submit the contact information for their nominee's parent/guardian(s).

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