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Hello! I am so excited to get started on this project!

First, I must point out that I will only custom design websites that I have solely worked on. I will not edit other websites designs. I work with wordpress.com blog sites. I can make websites look like blogs, or not (up to the client's preference). I just find it easier for business to access the sites through Wordpress.com's user-friendly structure.

If you are okay with the above, please answer the following questions to help me establish the basics of your website/logo, and information to include. Feel free to skip any questions that do not pertain to your request. When I receive this form, and your deposit, then I will begin on your work.

Thanks again! - Excited to begin working with you!
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Basic Information & Structure
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What categories (top or side menu options) do you want on your site? *
Most of these options are aimed for Photographers. If what you would like is not here add your own! Or if you would prefer one of the options named differently.
Normally sites with the "My Work" category have all the work listed under it, would you prefer that or each category to be listed on the main menu?
For Example - You put the mouse over "my work" and another menu drops down from there, like engagements, bridals, newborns. Or each can have their own category on the top menu. (Just say if confused)
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What information would you like under "about me"?
Don't answer if you would prefer no information. Email picture if you would like a picture.
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What information would you like under "Contact Info"
Don't answer if you would prefer no information.
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What information would you like under pricing?
Don't answer if you would prefer no information.
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What information would you like under your other pages/categories?
Ex: Wedding Day, Bridals/Groomals, Newborn etc.-Why it's an investment, your experiences, pricing options- Don't answer if you would prefer no information.
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What widgets would you like on your page?
(side bar or top menu buttons)
Would you like me to design a logo for you?
If yes, Tell me more about your business. What do you do? What ideas do you have regarding your logo?
Tell me your thoughts on Colors, Aesthetics, Ideas, Fonts, Text, Any other logos you like
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Website Ideas
What other websites inspire you?
Blogs or sites catch your eye, or that you really like the aesthetics of.
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What colors/themes would you like your site to have?
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Do you want A) your site to have blog-like qualities?(Where you can post in a timeline) Or B)a main page with menu categories and widgets
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Any other information I may need?
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Basic Package ($215)
This package is for users who may already have a logo, and a website and are looking for a change. This package includes domain name (for 1 year), widgets, buttons, custom design of menus, categories, background, header, and text. Logo will need to be provided, or text will be used in place for it.
Premium Package ($315)
This package is for businesses looking for logo and website design. This package includes domain name (for one year), custom design of menus, widgets, buttons, categories, background, header, and text. Logo will be designed fit to customers needs.
Logo Design Only ($100)
This package is for businesses only looking for logo design.
(Given through FB or A. Green Design
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A deposit of 50% is due in order to begin the order. Once the design is completed, and approved by the client. The client must complete the purchase before the website/logo is sent/handed over to the client. If this remaining balance is not received by A. Green Design then the 50% original deposit will not be refunded to the client. It will be kept to compensate A. Green Design for the time and work already done. *
Please electronically sign below (by typing your name), that you agree to the above terms.
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%50 minimum due in order to begin design process
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Payment Options
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I accept checks, or credit/debit purchase through Paypal. Make checks out to Amber Green. Mailing address: 644 S 800 E Apt 10, Salt Lake City UT 84102. Paypal Invoice will be sent within one business day after this form is submitted.
Thank you for choosing A. Green Design to work with your business! I am excited to get to work on your project. You will receive a confirmation email from me within the next business day.
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