City of New Orleans Enterprise Data Inventory
Fill out this form for all of the datasets you have identified through the inventory process (Step 2 on the Data Inventory spreadsheet). BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE ENTIRE FORM AND CLICK SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM FOR EACH DATASET.

Please contact the data team - - if you have any questions or need assistance with this form.

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Dataset name *
Brief description of data (What is it used for? What is its purpose?) *
Data Steward's name and email (Person with business knowledge of the data.) *
Data Custodian's name and email (Person with technical knowledge of the data.) *
Data source (What system, database, shared drive or server contains the data? If it is not in a system, who keeps these records?) *
Start date (How far back does the data go?) *
End date (When does the data end? If it is still being updated, write CURRENT.) *
Geography (What is the lowest level of geography in the data? For example, if the data is collected by address, it would be Street Address.) *
Frequency of data change (At what rate does the information in the dataset change?) *
Format (What format is the data in? For example, excel, sql, oracle database, pdf, word, etc.) *
Do you currently publish or share this information in another format or system? *
Do you currently publish or share this information publicly in a report or other type of publication? *
Priority or value (What is your sense of the relative value in publishing this data?) *
Priority or value - your comments (Share any details about why you chose the priority above.)
Technical challenges (What problems do you anticipate in publishing this data?) *
Data classification (How would YOU classify this data?) *
Classification reason (If you marked “Protected” or "Sensitive" for Data Classification, please indicate what law(s)/regulation(s) protect this data.)
Data quality concerns and detail (Please describe your concerns with the quality of this dataset.)
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