YSC YES Fund Guidelines and Interest Form

YSC is committed to educating and supporting all young women diagnosed with breast cancer through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. The purpose of the YES (Young Empowered Survivors) Fund is to encourage our YSC F2F Network members and State leaders to organize events with an educational focus by providing up to $2000 per approved applicant per fiscal year ($500 per quarter, per applicant) on a reimbursement basis.

These funds can be used for events that not only promote the mission of YSC, but also allow survivors a time to network, share resources and receive valuable education. Priority will be given to educational events that follow YSC’s strategic priorities, and are specific to the body of knowledge related to research, diagnosis, treatment, education, survivorship and/or other issues related to young women affected by breast cancer.

YES fund applications should comply with the following criteria:
• Furthers YSC’s mission of support for young women affected by breast cancer (YWABC).
• Event should include an educational component relevant to YWABC.
• Whenever possible, utilize donated services and products, and collaboration with other
organizations for greater outreach and economy.
• Complete in full the attached application and comply with follow-up instructions.

Allowable Expenses: YES fund may be used for the following types of program expenses:
• Educational materials
• Meeting Costs
• Supplies/equipment
• Speaker Honorariums
• Food and other direct program expenses

YES fund may NOT be used for the following purposes:
• Salaries & fringe benefits
• Fundraising
• Political campaigns or lobbying
• Awards
• Clinical services, patient care needs or direct financial support for a person or group
• Gifts for participants
• Alcoholic beverages

-Any member of a YSC F2F Network- registered for at least 90 days on Meetup.com.
-Any member of a F2F Network active less than 90 days, please consult the YES Fund Kick-off Party application.
-Any current YSC State Leader.
-The approved applicant must be willing to provide an estimated budget, cover all expenses, and submit receipts and an expense report for reimbursement. Expenses will be reimbursed in a timely manner, upon successful completion of the event, following YSC’s Reimbursement Policy guidelines.
-Approved applicants are eligible to receive free YSC support and supplies. This may include printed materials, resources, training and support to make sure you have a successful event.

-On an on-going basis, funds are disbursed on a quarterly basis ($500 per quarter) maximum amount of $2,000 per year.
-Applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the program. You may apply as many times as needed, up to the maximum funds allowable. Preference may be given to new applicants, and those meeting the educational focus priority.

-Please complete the information below. You will be contacted by your Regional Field Manager with more information and the YES Fund application. Questions? Email us at yscyesfund@youngsurvival.org or contact your Regional Field Manager.

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