AFA Questionnaire 
Welcome and thank you for taking your first step towards pursuing a healthy active life. This questionnaire will help us understand more about you and how we can help you get to your goals. Please fill this out to the best of your abilities and we will contact you to share more about our programs!
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What's your first, last name? *
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Why is this important to you and what are you here for? *
Whats your current fitness and health situation? *
Whats your dream goal and how long would it take you to achieve this on your own? *
Why is this goal so important to you right now? *
8. If you could begin making ​fast progress towards your health and fitness goals, would you be interested? *
9. WHY do you want to achieve these goals? Be Specific. (Ex: I want to be able to run with my kids, I want to feel confident, I'm tired of feeling tired, etc.) *
You already know it's not easy to drop weight or build lean muscle. Will you take our recommendations and do what we ask in order to help you reach your goal? *
Why are you applying now and Why do you think you'll succeed this time? *
On average our clients lose 10 or more pounds with us in the first 3 months. Are you okay with this? *
What is your current state and what is your desired state of health? *
Have you struggled with losing weight and and sticking to a program in the past? *
Do you think you'd lose weight or reach your goal faster with an expert helping you along the way and keeping you accountable? *
On a scale of 1-5, how committed are you to making the changes needed to reach your dream goal? *
Not ready but willing.
Im ready to transform!
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