OrcaCon 2020 Scheduled Games Submissions
We're excited that you wish to run an event at OrcaCon 2020! We have lots of space to work with, so we can accommodate all kinds of games. Feel free to schedule games which will span more than one time block.

Once you have completed this form we'll add you to our database. You may submit games as soon as the form is available, but most scheduling begins around three months before the event. Once your event has been accepted or declined, we'll send you an email with an update, ETA September.

Before you submit your game(s), be sure to register for Orcacon FIRST. Please fill out this form for EACH scheduled game session. You may apply to run up to FOUR scheduled game sessions.

If you wish to run a tournament, are a company looking for an industry demo table, or you have any questions/concerns, please contact our Games Team at games@orcacon.org.

We look forward to seeing you at OrcaCon 2020!
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Once you have registered for OrcaCon, you will get directed to create a Sched account or login to a current account. With this information, we can assign you as the person presenting the game.
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Game Category *
If it is covered in numerous categories, or it doesn't fit any listed, please choose Other and let us know
Game description
This is where you want to "sell" the game to your potential players! Entice people to sign up by describing the style of game play, the theme, similarity to other games, etc. Include any information potential players may want to know in order to plan their schedule.

Make the description informative but keep it brief.

If hosting an RPG, you may want to indicate ruleset (e.g. D&D 5th, Pathfinder, Shadowrun 3rd, etc.). If needed, also describe any materials that players should bring to the activity, (e.g. miniatures, pre-made decks, character sheets, dice, etc.).
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Describe the game to potential players.
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As we learned from past attendee surveys, we will have many folks brand new to conventions and to games. Help us find good games for everyone!
Drop-ins welcome during session? *
You may want to allow potential players to stop by your table after the session start time to join a new game or join a game in progress. For example, you may be running a quick, twenty-minute game that can be played many times in one 2.5-hour block of time. To welcome such drop-ins answer "Yes" below.
Preferred Day and Time
Time blocks can be described as existing in these broad time frames:

Early - 9am to 2pm
Afternoon - 2pm to 7pm
Evening - 7pm - Midnight

Please select your preferred time frame(s). Games will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and every effort will be made to assign a time block within your preferred time frame.

You will be contacted via email to confirm that a specific time block will work for you.

Note that Sunday only has one time frame, Early from 9am-2pm. For a block on Sunday please choose "Sunday, any time."
Please select your choice of timeblock(s) for this game *
If you don't have a preference of day or time please select the three "any time" options.
Select additional time blocks (optional)
Time blocks for tables are scheduled in 2.5-hour increments. Every game has one 2.5-hour block of time by default. If you know you will need additional time, please indicate the total number of 2.5-hour blocks you would like.
I have read the OrcaCon Policies (General, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Racism, & Accessibility) and agree to follow the guidelines within. *
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