Learn to Skate with Skate Academy - Summer 2020
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Learn to Skate with our professionals - Summer 2020
After the winter season is over there are courses starting with May until July 2019 where children can continue training their skating skills.
Dates: note each course date.

Location: Ice rink - Im Chreis - Dübendorf Number of children per course is limited. It will be on "first come, first served" basis. Cancelations or refund are not possible. A refund will only be possible if the session is canceled by Skate Academy.
Courses Summer (Mai-Juli 2020) - Dübendorf
during the summer period May-July , the children can continue the specific training on the ice. The Learn to Skate course includes ice training and off-ice (Athletic) training. We advise to regularly attend training sessions in order to achieve improvements of the skating skills of the children.
All courses take place at the ice rink "Im Chreis" in Dübendorf.
LTS - Summer 1 *
Mittwoch / 13 Mai bis 8 Juli 2020 / 16.20-16.40 Off-ice 17.00-17.40 Eis / 9 Kurseinheiten / 400.- CHF
LTS - Summer 2 *
Samstag / 16 Mai bis 11 Juli 2020/ 9.10-9.30 Off-ice 9.45-10.25 Eis / 9 Kurseinheiten / 400.- CHF
Small Group
11 Mai bis 12 Juli / Zeit nach Vereinbarung /upon agreement
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Die Anmeldung ist verbindlich und gilt für "Winter Learn to Skate" kurs. ANMERKUNG: bei Stornierung keine Rückerstattung möglich. This application is binding and applies to the"Winter Learn to Skate" course. NOTE: No refund is possible / Refund will only be possible for the sessions that are being canceled by Skate Academy due to bad weather or other reasons.
Private lessons
Private lessons
The private lessons are possible in addition to "Learn to Skate" Courses. Time, Schedule and Prices upon request and agreement.
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