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Date : 07/08/2019
Time : 9.00am-5.00pm
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1. The objectives of the training were clearly defined. (Matlamat latihan jelas dinyatakan) *
2. Participation and interaction were encouraged (Penyertaan dan interaksi menggalakkan). *
3. This training experience will be useful.(Pengalaman kursus ini berguna) *
4. The trainer is knowledgeable and well prepared. (Jurulatih berpengetahuan dan persediaan mencukupi) *
5. The time allocated for the training was sufficient. (Masa yang diperuntukkan untuk latihan mencukupi ) *
6. What did you like most about this training?(Apa yang anda paling suka berkenaan dengan kursus ini?)
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7. Which areas of the training should we improve?(Bahagian apa yang boleh diperbaiki berkenaan dengan kursus ini?)
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