Application: Young Women in Computing Supercomputing Team
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This club meets weekly on Wednesday from 4:30-6:00PM.
(Team meetings can be adjusted for participants at the leaders discretion).

Teams can be made of 5 students of mixed genders and grade levels 6-12.

If you already have a team, please have each member fill out an application, and indicate that you are already apart of a team.

More information can be found at

New Mexico State University
Department of Computer Science
Science Hall
Las Cruces, NM

Applications open August 30th. Acceptance notifications will be sent on or before September 6th.

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This is an after-school program to be held in Las Cruces on the NMSU Campus in Science Hall. The program meets once a week for 9 weeks. *
Sessions are held weekly. This program allows for 2-3 teams of mixed genders and ages. Sponsors are NMSU staff, and graduate and undergraduate students. In order for your application to be considered, you must:
By clicking "I accept", you agree that if you are unable to attend a session, you will contact a coordinator or undergraduate research assistant as soon as possible. *
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