Boulder Startup Week 2019 - Attendee Survey
The BSW organizers are committed to providing you a week packed with valuable sessions and networking opportunities. To make sure that our 10th year anniversary exceeds your expectations, please take a moment to complete the following survey and share with us what will make this a "can't miss" week in Boulder. We appreciate your feedback!
Event-related questions
10 questions about your BSW experience
1. Which statement best describes where you are on the startup spectrum?
2. Which type of events interest you most? (Rank 1-4 with 1 as most interesting)
Industry Focused (i.e. food, tech, cannabis etc.)
Role Focused (i.e. dev, COO, CEO etc.)
Key Challenge Areas (i.e. hiring, finance, marketing etc.)
3. Which type of event format do you prefer? (Rank 1- 5 with 1 as most preferred)
Interactive / experiential workshops
Panel discussions
Speaker presentations with Q&A
One-on-One sessions
Social Gatherings
4. Which best describes your BSW scheduling strategy?
5. Event Follow Up: Check all that apply
6. Tell us about your dream event for Boulder Startup Week!
Your answer
7. What suggestions would you have to help us increase diversity at Boulder Startup Week?
Your answer
8. What is the biggest challenge that you have faced (or are facing) working in the Boulder Startup Community?
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9. What are your favorite go-to startup resources? (i.e., blogs, groups, events, newsletters, books etc.)
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10. Anything else you'd like us to know?
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5 optional questions about you, our BSW audience!
11. Where do you live?
12. As which gender do you identify?
13. How old are you?
14. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
15. What is your work title?
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16. Would you like us to follow-up with you via email? If so, please provide your email address and a BSW team member will be in touch!
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Thank you so much for your input. We look forward to seeing you at BSW19 (May 13 - 17, 2019)!
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