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Introduction to the survey:
This survey is to collect information about the need for graduate programs that Muslim University is proposing to develop. The information you provide will help us decide which programs meets your needs.. We appreciate you taking the time to support us in this important endeavor.
The programs include:
1. Master of Arts in Education (Geography)
2. Master of Arts in Education (General: MA (Ed).
3. Master of Arts Education with Languages (Specializations)
(a) English
4. Master of Arts in Education (History)
5. Masters of Arts Kiswahili
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Which program(s) would you enroll in and why?
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If you had an opportunity to employ graduates of the above programs, which ones would you employ and why?
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Which of the following degree programs do you believe has the highest potential for meeting the opportunities and challenges that educators face in the field today?
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Preferred method of delivery
Overall it is necessary to offer a new Master Program in Education [SA, A, N, D and SD)
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Of the following, rank the list of knowledge, skills and competencies most needed by prospective MA education holders (a) Problem solving skills specific to the subject and in general (b) Creativity in using available resources to design learning opportunities to address needs of diverse learners (c) Dispositions/attitudes to positively become change agents
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