Audition Slip for Nell Gwynn
Copies of the script are available from the director for a reduced rate so no need to buy in advance

Rehearsals -
Sunday 2-5 Kew Gardens Scout Hut
Wednesday 8-10 Kew Gardens Scout Hut
Thursday 8-10 - as needed

Playing Dates:
Thursday 30th April 7.45pm
Friday 1st May 7.45pm
Saturday 2nd May 2.30 and 7.45pm
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I understand that if cast, I will need to join Q2 Players at the cost of £20 per year and will need to buy a script from the director for £8 (unless discussed otherwise). *
Q2 usually rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon. Please mark below any rehearsal dates you are definitely unavailable. Use the 'other' box to add in any dates which may be a problem, but aren't yet confirmed. Please note, you will not be called for all rehearsals and Thursday rehearsals will only be used as necessary depending on availability.
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