Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) - Artistic Proposal Form ( 2017)
Dear Artist!

Welcome to the 1st ever Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) artist call.

Please fill out this form to participate in one or more of our member festivals:

- Gothenburg Fringe Festival (GOFF) (2nd edition) 1-2-3-4 SEPT
- Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) (8th edition) 6-7-8-9-10 SEPT
- Norway Fringe Festival (NOFF) (1st edition) 11-12-13-14 SEPT
- Reykjavik Fringe Festival (RVKFRINGE) (1st edition) 21-22-23-24 SEPT

The individual festival dates will be adjusted by the end of the artist call. All festivals will take place the first 4 weeks in Sept.

Please refer to the artist guidelines for more info about NFN logistics.

Please familiarise yourself with the general NFN Guidelines:

Our teams are keen to find out more about your work!


Please confirm that you have READ the NFN 2017 ARTIST GUIDELINES *
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Theatre/Dance/Performance/Installation/Music/Visual Arts etc
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Please tell us more about your piece/project/work. Where does this work take both you and the audience? What experience can be expected? What inspired you to create it? Has the work been been presented anywhere else? What was the audience reaction? No more then 600 characters please.
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Duration *
How long is your piece? Is your work durational? Please tell us more about it. Can the duration be altered depending on available time slots?
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Technical specifications *
Please outline all of your technical specifications. PLEASE NOTE: Technical needs play a major role in the selection process. In general, some production requirements will need to be synchronized with venue logistics. Upon participation confirmation each festivals tech co-ordinator will contact you to discuss the production details. You may have to compromise your needs. You can also copy and paste a link to a form if such is at hand.
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Venue *
What sort of venue(s) are your work suitable for? NOTE THAT YOUR WORK MAY BE PLACED IN ANY OF THE OPTIONS YOU CHOOSE
Site specific?
What is your site specific venue? Please provide information about your proposed site.
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Age guidance *
Who is your target audience?
Production photos *
Please include a link/s to your production portfolio (photos, sketches, statement etc).
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Production video
Please include a link/s to your video recording.
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Country of production origin *
If your group is multinational please include all members nationality. Start with the main representative country (production country).
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Can your group be considered a young NFN act? *
All company members needs to be 15-25 years of age.
Please list the name(s) and age(s) of everyone in your project.
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Please list only your main website for this project.
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Mobile number of main applicant
Please list a mobile number to the person responsible for project. Please start the nr with the + symbol followed by the country code minus the first 0 in. In example: +44 7549 932 583
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Phone number - landline
Please list phone number to person responsible for project. Please start the nr with the + symbol followed by the country code followed by the area code and finally your number. Thank you!
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Please list full postal address to person/group.
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Organisation number
Please list your organisation number should you have one. If not, state your status (single trader, not for profit org etc)
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Are you a NFN virgin or Veteran?
Have you participated in any previous editions of GOFF or STOFF?
Awards and achievements
Have your work been nominated for or won any awards? Please list below.
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Why is "The Fringe" so important do you think?
It will help us immensively to hear your thoughts on the fringe.
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Your tour plan indication

- Does your company have the time and means to attend several festivals()?
- Does your production logistics allow to travel between the cities in the outline time frame?
- NFN is a network but each festival is independent. Each festival has separate programming & intake process.
- Beyond the application process you will be dealing with each festival individually. In other words, communicating your production logistics is done directly with each festival.
- Below please indicate what festivals you like to participate in.

GOFF 1-2-3-4 Sept
STOFF 6-7-8-9-10 Sept
RVKFRINGE 21-22-23-24 Sept
Please note that Reykjavik has now swapped dates with Bergen. Bergen comes week 3 and Reykjavik week 4
NOFF 10-11-12-13-14 Sept
Please note that Reykjavik has now swapped dates with Bergen. Bergen comes week 3 and Reykjavik week 4
FINALLY - How did you hear about the Nordic Fringe Network ARTISIT CALL
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