Pokemon Go Tournament at Ani Winter Fes 2020 Sign-up Form
This is the sign up form for the Pokemon Go Tournament at Ani Winter Fes 2020.

Location: Panel Room 2 Town Square D
Date: Jan 25 2020
Time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm

General Rules:
- You need to be at least level 10 in Pokemon Go to participate in this tournament.
- You must have an Android or iOS smartphone with a cellular data plan.
- You can have only one battle team for the entire tournament.
- You are not allowed to change Pokemon in your battle team between rounds.
- All battles would take place in Great League (Max CP per Pokemon is 1500).

Tournament Rules:
- There are at least 5 rounds of battling for the tournament.
- Tournament may go beyond 5 matches depending on how much time we have left.
- This tournament will be a swiss system format. This means no one gets eliminated by losing a match and you will be paired up with someone who has a similar number of points as you in every match.
- A win is worth 1 points, while a tie is worth 0.5 point.
- The player with the most points by the end of the tournament is declared the winner.
- In the event where a tie could not be broken by the Median-Buchholz system, a battle between the top 2 players will take place until 1 of them wins.

Tournament standings will be viewed on challonge at https://anirevo.challonge.com/zhhk3mp1

We are also accepting sign ups at the con, if we have not yet reached 32 participants.
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