Residência São João - Cupid record
Application deadline: 16/04/2021

RSJ invites to participate in its second postal record! The application is ultra-simple, and open to anyone interested (musicians, sound artists, poets...). During the curation process, the record's angels will seek sonic affinities among applicants. When there's a match, a group is created. We will form between 5 and 10 groups, of 2-3 people each, among applications received.

Each group has one month to produce, autonomously, a song or sound piece up to 3 minutes long, sending audios and organizing the production and mixing of the track. The thematic is free, and so are the procedures.

The residency team is responsible for the final mastering, cover art, presentation text and publicity of the record through its mailing list, social media platforms, website and partner networks.

-Finished track must be sent in .wav format, before Monday 31st of May 2021.
- We will also need these infos: category (ex: song, collage, soundscape, radio art, improvisation, sound poetry, experimental music, etc. etc.) technical info and a short description of the work (minimum 3 lines).
Email *
Who are you? What do you desire? (answer in a minimum of 3 words, and maximum of 2 lines) *
(Example 1: Who are you? And you, who are you? // What do you desire? To let the Cupid desire. Example 2: Who are you? My name is Everton Silva, I'm from Tokyo (JP) and I live in Campinas (BR). I like brega, shamisen, medieval, gothic and no-wave music. I'm working on my fourth solo EP. // What do you desire? To leave this room. To meet a drummer. Etc etc.)
Please send us link (s) to your work *
(max. 3 links / if it's a collective work, specify your participation)
Yours, loving
Antonio Sobral e Verónica Cerrotta
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