Dual Language Immersion Program Parent Survey
This survey is for the Dual Immersion Program only. If you have more than one child at the school please respond only to your experience with your child/children in the DI Program. Please select the most accurate response in your experience with the DI Program. All responses will be kept confidential.
1. I have a son/daughter in the DI Program. *
2. Please select one for each of the following: *
Strongly agree
Strongly Disagree
My family feels valued and welcomed in the school.
The school provides information to help families understand the DI program.
The DI program provides adequate opportunity for input from families.
The DI program makes good use of the language, cultural, and other strengths of parents, families, and community members in the area.
I receive enough guidance on how to support or extend my child's education at home.
I know which school employees to talk with when I have a question or concern.
There are positive, active, and ongoing opportunities for parent/family engagement in my child's education in the Dual Immersion Program.
Comments (Question #2):
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3. What parts of the program are most valuable for you and why? (i.e. Teacher-parent conferences; Coffee with the Principal, Parent Teacher Association (PTA); parenting classes; awards ceremonies, etc.) And/or Least Valuable? *
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4. What have you learned about your child, family, and school through the DI program? *
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5. What are your hopes and dreams for the DI program in your community? *
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6. Do you have any suggestions for improving the Dual Immersion Program for the future?
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7. Demographic Information: Age: *
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8. Gender: *
9. Race/Ethnicity *
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10. Number of adults at home: *
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11. Number of children at home. *
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12. Number of children in DI. *
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13. What is the main language spoken in your home? *
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14. Has any member of your household graduated from college? *
14a. If yes, what is relationship of the graduate to the DI student?
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15. Do you have internet access at home? *
16. Does anyone in the household have a public library card? *
17. Are you willing to volunteer in the classroom? *
18. If yes, please provide contact number.
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