Developer Survey
We're interested in how developers work with collaborative code repositories. If that's not you... feel free to skip this altogether. Thanks for answering a few questions!
How many code repositories do you participate in (as a contributor and/or reviewer)? *
Which of these services do you have accounts with? *
Do you have multiple accounts with 1 service (for example, separate work and personal logins for Github)? *
Briefly describe what you use code hosting for *
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What challenges do you have with pull requests?
Not a problem
I wish this were easier
It's annoying
Reviewing PRs for repos I "own"
Reviewing PRs for repos I work on regularly
Reviewing PRs for repos I just follow
Getting other people to review my PRs
PRs that never get reviewed
Too many notifications about repos I follow
Notifications about PRs get lost
Getting notified about status changes of PRs
PRs that get stale/forgotten
What are the 1 or 2 biggest problems you have with pull requests?
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If an app could solve those problems, how much would you pay per month? *
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