Travel experience sharing and travel planning trial
The University of Southampton ethics committee has approved this study. The ethic reference number is: 5557. Information sheet can be accessed here: Consent form:

This is the second part of the evaluation of the application. The first part (questionnaire of how people share travel experience) can be accessed here:

In this trial, you will be asked to login to the application using either your own Facebook account or a testing account and load photos from Facebook. The photos with GPS information will be displayed on a route on the map. The sharing process is done after the route is generated and saved.

Then you will be asked to plan your route assuming that you plan to travel to a place or places for your holiday. You will be asked to search for information about the places you are travelling to using this application and some existing applications. Then you will be asked to compare these applications.

Note about using you own account or the testing account: the application retrieves photos from Facebook and displays them on a route on a map. If you have some travelling photos, using your own account is the best option for you. The application does not store any of your photos, status or check-ins. All other data collected about you will be deleted after the project is finished which is around June this year.

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