SENSECO - WG1: Scaling gap
First of all, THANK YOU for willing to do this questionnaire :-)

This questionnaire come up as part of SENSECO (COST Action CA17134*) Working Group 1 (WG1) activities. WG1 aims to tackle the scaling gap between leaf and satellite radiometric measurements in order to link driving mechanisms at the leaf scale (e.g. rapid adaptation to stress conditions and photosynthetic rate) to photosynthesis at the global scale. We are willing to this by facilitating the scientific dialogue between experimental investigators and modellers. As a first step toward WG1 goals, with this questionnaire we intent to understand the link and missing gaps between these two communities.

Thanks again for your help!
We are looking forward to meet you in the next SENSECO meeting!!

*In case you want to know more about SENSECO COST Action click in these links
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