2017 What If... Performer Application

Do you have a special type of INNOVATIVE & IMAGINATIVE performance to delight and "WOW" our festival-goers?

What IF...Festival of Innovation and Imagination
What is going on?
The WHAT IF…FESTIVAL OF INNOVATION AND IMAGINATION invites you to propose a street performance, surprise performance, solo or group.

Express your own innovation and imagination or the imagination of your performance group on one of our formal stages or in street performances throughout the day!

The What IF Festival is September 9, 2017, with select Experiences and performances from throughout the region. Hours of operation for the Festival are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Objectives of the What If... Festival Are...
• Shine the light on diverse forms of innovation and imagination in our community. Show off cool people, cool businesses, and cool performances.
• Engage as many people as possible in a day of “wows!” together. Engage people of all ages in their own personally creative experiences. Celebrate together – share joys and aha’s!
• Cultivate creative collaborations and relationships that connect our community. Foster more innovation, invention, sustainability ideas, entrepreneurs, and creators.
Show It--What We Need...
Each application must show that:

• The proposed perfomance is innovative, imaginative, or uniquely entertaining in some way to the Festival-goers.
• The proposed performance is in good taste, appropriate for a family-friendly event, and professionally presented and/or executed.

The Form...
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Collaboration Information
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Information About the Proposed Performance
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Please attach additional information pertinent to your performance.
Please email details to WhatIF@imaginationcelebration.org
Logistical Requirements for Performers
If selected, the Festival will provide a written contract with logistical details for load in and load out, time slot for performance, parking for performers, etc.
Describe any special requirements your performance might need.
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