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Ladies - we are so excited that you're interested in joining us for Grls Gone Glamping on Saturday, August 15th at Ohiopyle.

We will be camping at Paddler's Lane Campground in Confluence, PA - just a few minutes away from Ohiopyle. Please prepare to arrive at the campground by 12pm on Saturday. We will spend the day engaging in outdoor activities (hiking, floating on the river, relaxing by the campfire, tie dying, enjoying each other's company - all of the things!). Full agenda for the weekend will be provided by Friday, August 1st, and sent along with a recommended packing list.

Sunday there is the option to schedule a white water rafting trip. We will take a poll for those who are interested on Friday, August 1st so that we can schedule accordingly.

Saturday night dinner, Sunday morning breakfast + all snacks will be provided by organizers, along with non-alcoholic beverages. Please feel free to bring your favorite beer, seltzer, canned wine - whatever! Please try to limit the use of glass bottles however possible. We don't want any breaking around the camp!

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Attendees will be encouraged to social distance in group settings. All food will be provided by the organizers, and handled by two cooks to avoid too many handling food (damn you, COVID). More safety guidelines will be put in place as we see fit.

Please be sure to bring a mask. Though they will not be required while outdoors, you may want to wear one when using the restroom facilities. There are 15 spots open for this camping gathering. If you RSVP and end up not being able to make it, please do let us know immediately by emailing so that we can open up that spot to another member who may be interested.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!
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