Stonemaier Game Submission Form
Before completing this form, we would prefer if you had a link to a 5-10 minute walk-through video overview of the mechanics and game-play to submit at the end (phone camera quality is adequate).
Is your game a tabletop board game?
We don't publish RPGs, and we're looking for more of a tactile experience than that provided by a cards-only game.
Have you playtested your game at least 10 times?
Has your game been blind playtested at least 2 times?
Blind playtesting is when people play the game from the rules, not from any guidance or intervention by you.
Is your game designed to be played with as few as 1-2 players and as many as 5, 6, or more players?
Is your game an "event game"?
An event game is the featured main course at game night, not the appetizer or side salad, that plays in 1-2 hours.
Does your game aim to capture players' imaginations?
Answer "no" if it's an abstract game or if it's a simulation of something about which most people wouldn't want to read a book or watch a movie.
Does your game feature a unique twist on a mechanism that isn't in any other game?
Does your game feature the potential for a special, must-have component?
Is the flow of the game dictated by players?
Answer "no" if your game has a series of 5+ phases that each player or all players must run through each round. For example, in Ticket to Ride, a turn is quick and simple, and there are no rounds--this allows the flow of the game to be dictated by players. Conversely, in other games there are constructs like phases and rounds that limit the flow of play.
Does your game present players with a thematic, visually appealing way of choosing what they do on their turn?
Answer "no" if each players selects from an action checklist. For example, Stone Age gives players action spaces on the board where they place workers. We like this. We would not like Stone Age if, instead, each player had a long list of possible actions on a reference card that they chose from each turn.
Does your game adhere to at least 10 out of 12 of our Tenets of Game Design?
Please take a minute to read the tenets here:
Does your game take between 45 and 150 minutes to play?
It's fine if the playing time is longer for learning games.
Can new players start playing the game within 5 minutes of beginning the rules explanation?
This doesn't mean that new players need to know all of the rules--just that the core concepts are simple enough that they can start taking turns.
If you answered "no" to any of the previous questions please stop here, your game is not right for Stonemaier. If you honestly answered "yes" to all the previous questions please continue by entering your name.
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What's the name of your game?
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What's your e-mail address?
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What are the core specs of your game?
player count, game length, and category
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Hook us into the theme/world of your game in 2-3 sentences.
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Entice us with a description of gameplay in 3-5 sentences. If possible please provide a video link here.
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Have you designed any other published games? It's fine if you haven't, but if you have, what are their names?
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