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Sylvanaqua Farms is raising capital to begin its work of creating a regionally-scaled, vertically-integrated, farmer-owned collective that will transform the reach of sustainable food and agriculture in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Our hope is to raise much, or most, of our phase I funding through individual contributors and small groups of individuals pooling their money. Your investments will function as low-interest, mid-term amortization (4-6 years) loans that return a variable monthly repayment tied to our revenue.

Please fill out this brief survey (there is no commitment attached to doing so - we are only using the survey to gauge interest) and we will be in touch with the particulars, including our budgets and details of repayment.

Thank you!
About Phase I
We plan to raise funds in three phases, ultimately arriving at a large farming collective that provides food to hundreds of thousands of customers from Baltimore to Norfolk, and all points in between.

Phase I is a seeding stage that:

1.) Removes bottlenecks around bringing on more farmers
2.) Increases our storage capacity so we can produce at maximum capacity of our staff
3.) Improves efficiency in the field so our farmers can spend more time stewarding land and life, and less time doing mundane chores

The initial raise for this phase is $900,000

This sets the stage for Phase II, where we integrate most of our supply chain (feed, seed, processing), followed by Phase III, where we supercharge our distribution capacity, set up permanent urban markets, and considerably expand the amount of land we protect and grow on.
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