Freshman AguaClara Project Team Application
Welcome to the AguaClara Project Team Application!

AguaClara Cornell’s mission is to uphold and protect the fundamental human right to access safe drinking water. We are committed to the ongoing development of resilient, gravity-powered drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies. Students lead the innovation process, learn from each other, and foster a collaborative environment where diversity is celebrated, failures are learning opportunities, and success is shared. We research, invent, and design technologies that are implemented by partner organizations and managed by communities to bring safe water on tap!

We will be selecting a limited number of freshman to participate in a shadowing program for the remainder of the fall semester. Anyone selected will also be guaranteed a spot on an AguaClara sub-team for the spring semester, should they be interested in it. Students will shadow one or two sub-teams to learn about our team and get experience in the lab. They will then meet up with the other freshman who are shadowing and share what they have learned in their experience. We hope this will get students familiar with the AguaClara treatment processes and the type of work we do!

Please apply by October 1st for best chances to get into the program. If you have any questions about the program, please email If you have questions about the application process please contact Gibran el-Sulayman (

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