B&B Sponsorship Application
Currently accepting applications for the following roles:

1. Advertising/Sponsorship Sales Manager
About you:
- Must be comfortable/proficient with in-person/phone/email cold pitching
- Excellent communication skills
- Passion for sales

About the role:
- Generate revenue for the Bull & Bear by selling advertising and sponsorship to local businesses
- Regularly approach local businesses with the hope of having them advertise/sponsor B&B (ongoing/rolling basis)
- Establish communication with contacts and continuously follow up with them
- Attend weekly meetings
- Role in determining team’s general sales strategy

- Hands-on experience with sales
- Interact with a team of motivated individuals as well as external parties

2. Sales Coordinator
About you:
- Excellent organization skills
- Comfortable writing sponsored content if called upon

About the role:
- Manage implementation of sales strategy
- Essentially salesforce
- Create schedules surrounding prospecting, outreach, and canvassing
- Manage and organize list of contacts and statuses
- Ensure that reps adhere to schedule
- Oversee “next steps” once a sale has been made
- Ensures key parties of the MUS have signed necessary documents/received checks
- Ensures editorial team is aware of their ask

- Hands-on experience with the logistics behind sales
- Work with a team of motivated individuals
- Play a crucial role in generating revenue for a major student-run publication

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