Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Attendance Form
-Please use this form if your child will be absent, coming late to practice or leaving early.
-The “notcoming” email address no longer exists.
-As stated on the Attendance Commitment section of the registration packet, CCC has a "Three Miss Policy".
-Three times "coming late" or "leaving early" equals one absence.
-CCD/PREP is ALWAYS excused.
-Beginning April 1st, ALL practices are MANDATORY!!
-If you know your child will be absent, coming late, or leaving early multiple times (for example: weekly CCD/Prep class), you will need to submit this form each time.

Child's Last Name: *
Child's First Name: *
Parent E-Mail Address: *
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Date of not coming/coming late/leaving early: *
If coming late/leaving early, list time of arrival/dismissal:
Reason: *
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