AFS-USA 2022 Emerging Leader Award Nomination
The AFS-USA Emerging Leader Award recognizes a Volunteer who shows the potential to be a future leader in an AFS-USA Chapter, Area Team, or on the National level, and has demonstrated leadership by playing a key role in initiating, steering, or fully participating in a specific task/project to successful completion.

To avoid duplicate nominations, please communicate with your Area Team leadership about your intent to nominate.

Please note that this Nomination can be started and then completed at a later date. Just be sure to hit the "Submit" button each time you update your Nomination. You will be able to edit your submission until July 31, 2022.

Send a head and shoulders picture of the Nominee to Use a subject line of "Emerging Leader Award 2022 - Picture - last name of Nominee".

Please submit your Nomination by July 31, 2022.

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* Nominee must be a current registered AFS-USA Volunteer.
* Nominee must have been active on an AFS-USA Committee, Area Team, Special Interest Group, Task Force, or at a Local or National level for a minimum of 2 years.
* One Reference must be submitted along with the Nomination, and it is required to be written by an AFS-USA registered Volunteer. Two References are required if you are nominating yourself.

NOTE:  When describing the Nominee, please avoid full names, locations, team name, or any description that would identify your Nominee. The reviewing and judging will be completed by your peers and we want to maintain anonymity.

1.  Please describe the project/task/committee in which the Nominee has participated and his/her specific role in it.  How has said project/task/committee benefited the Local Chapter, Area Team, or AFS-USA? (300 words max)
2.  What growth as a Volunteer leader have you witnessed in the Nominee as a result of this role? (300 word max)
3. How has the Nominee made a significant impact in promoting the core values and mission of AFS-USA? Please be specific and give examples. (300 word max)
6. I have sent a picture of the Nominee to with a subject line of "Emerging Leader 2022 - Picture - last name of Nominee".
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