Open Beta - Feedback to functionality and user experience of C2C interface without a possibility of a digital payment
What is Help'n'Trade?
Help'n'Trade is a Swiss-based technology startup. Its purpose is to facilitate a digital platform of the same name, where businesses and people engage with each other to supply demands for goods and services through a trade of user-defined value, enabling public bidding and negotiation. Help'n'Trade provides its users with the benefits of flexibility, transparency, trust, reduced effort and enables a fair and rewarding trade for all.

In short: Help'n'Trade enables solving your problem locally for your preferred price/quality, while rewarding you for solving other peoples problems as well!.
Data privacy
Your data is collected for the purpose of improvement of the user experience. We may share the anonymized overall results of your report with potential stakeholders, but we will not share information which can be tracked to you outside of Help'n'Trade.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us on:
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