Eagan Has Talent Audition Application

Eagan High School & Eagan Foundation, Inc. presents:

Unveil your talents on stage! Be the star for a night!
"Eagan Has Talent" is a talent show open to people in the Eagan community, including youth 12 years of age or older. We know our community is full of smashing talent. Join in the fun!

Audition Dates: Wednesday, October 8 (3pm-6pm) and Tuesday, October 14 (5-8 pm)
Dress Rehearsal (mandatory): Thursday, October 30 (5 pm)
Show Date: November 1, 2014, 7:00 pm, Eagan High School Theatre

Tickets available: October 13 (general admission)

Rules and Regulations:

-Auditions are mandatory.

-If an applicant cannot attend the live audition, s/he must submit a video (DVD, CD, or YouTube). DVDs and CDs may be submitted at Eagan High School. or include a link to a YouTube video in the "Performance Description" section below.

-Not all who audition can be guaranteed a spot in the show.

-Performance may not exceed 10 minutes.

-Decisions about final selections will be determined by a panel of judges including Eagan Foundation members, Eagan High School students and faculty.

-Final act line-up will be selected only from those who have auditioned in person or by video submission.

-We will post final show line-up on both the Eagan Foundation and Eagan High School web sites a week after auditions.

-No animals on stage.

-No liquids on stage.

-No pyrotechnics or open flames.

-Pre-recorded music must be on a CD.

-Vocal contestants may use a recorded accompaniment with vocal background, but lead or dominant vocals will not be allowed.

-Any instruments or props needed for performances must be provided by the participants. These will not be provided by the Eagan Foundation or by Eagan High School. A piano and/or clavichord may, however, be provided by Eagan High School upon request.

-Audition and dress rehearsal are mandatory.

-Music must be submitted by the Monday before rehearsal (Mon., Oct.27)

-This is an exhibition event only. No cash prizes.

Q: Is this talent show a competition?
A: No, it is an exhibition show; therefore, there will be no prizes.

Q: Does my whole group have to be comprised of Eagan students or residents to be part of Eagan Has Talent?
A: No, as long as at least one member of the performance group is a resident of Eagan, the group may audition.

Q: How will I know what my audition time is?
A: Once you submit your audition application, you will receive an email indicating the day to show up at Eagan High School. Once you arrive at the East entrance, sign in at the desk. You will receive an audition time within the half hour.

Q: Once I sign in, how will the judges determine my time slot?
A: First come, first serve. Judges will judge auditions in the order performers sign up during their assigned time frame. When you show up for your audition, you will get to look at the available times and decide for yourself which specific time you would like to audition in front of the judges.

Q: Where will auditions be held?
A: In the MPR (multipurpose room) near the EHS east entrance (student lot).

Q: Where do I check in for my audition?
A: At the desk just inside the EHS east entrance.

Q: Who will be judging the auditions?
A: Two members of the Eagan Foundation, two EHS students, and one to two faculty members.

Q: How many acts will be part of the talent show?
A: It depends on the length of each act. The show goes from 7-9:30/10:00 p.m., so between 12-15 acts. This will allow for a brief intermission.

Q: Will all performers who audition be part of the formal show on Nov. 1?
A: Not necessarily. The audition process serves to ensure patrons of the show will receive an entertaining, quality viewing experience, so judges may determine some acts are not suitable for the show.

Q: How will performers be notified whether they have made it into the show?
A: The judges panel will email all performers, indicating whether they made it into the show as well as posting the talent show list on the Eagan Foundation and EHS web sites.

Q: Are there any commitments other than the audition and the show?
A: Yes. All Eagan Has Talent performers must attend the rehearsal on Thursday, Oct.30 at 5:00 p.m.

Q: If I make it into the talent show, how will I know what time I will be performing the night of the show?
A: All performers will receive the line-up schedule the night of rehearsal.

Q: How much are tickets be to the show?
A: $7 for students and children $10 for adults

Have questions? Contact admin@eaganfoundation.org

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