Exeter Young Greens Renters' Charter
1. Tough on developers
- Planning conditions on developers ensuring new developments are affordable, accessible and integrated into the community, with high environmental standards such as passive house design.
- A version of the Empty Homes Scheme aimed at private student properties, especially large single occupancy blocks. Requiring private developments to be more open about occupancy rates so that empty student rooms/properties can be brought into use if left for a certain period of time.
2. Renter’s Union
- Collaboration between renters, community groups and supported by the City Council.
- A forum to discuss issues in rented properties, providing advice on legal issues in renting
- Develop a database/search engine for rented properties, with in-house accreditation for accessibility, environmental standards, affordability and community impact
3. Working together
- Work with urban local authorities to share best practice on tackling large developers and seek an end to the exploitation of young people in the rental sector through high rents, poor living conditions and hefty up-front fees.
- Set up a working group with groups at the University to develop a full plan on integrating the student population into the wider population of the city. Discuss encouraging the dispersal of the student population into other areas and look at what all groups currently do to engage the student body in the local community and how this could be improved.
4. Education
- Outreach into sixth form colleges and schools, and communication with Exeter University Student’s Guild on what support the council can provide for first time renters and what legal rights young people would have going into renting
5. Refresh
- Campaign to encourage modernisation of rented properties for higher living standards, support for landlords to retrofit out of date/low quality housing that need major reconstruction work, through the development of a seed fund.
6. Housing first
- Adopting ‘Housing First’-type strategy, where residents in vulnerable situations are given permanent accommodation straight away, rather than moving through different stages of accommodation in a precarious manner. This has already taken place in pilots in a number of UK cities, including, London, Glasgow and Newcastle.
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