Your Matt Monta Mix-Tape
Some notes:
- I am allocating 12 songs per cassette, but depending on the length of selections, there may be fewer.
- From the songs below, CHOOSE UP TO 11. If you choose more, I will choose which of them I will record. If you choose fewer, I will choose the rest.
- The 12th song will be a bonus song of my choosing. It may be a cover. It may be another original song not on this list.
- After choosing your songs, please fill out your contact information on the next page so I can mail you your custom cassette.
- The cost for the custom tape is $20, which includes shipping costs and accounts for time spent recording, designing, and labeling each individual cassette.
Choose Your Songs
Songs from "American Rhymin"
Songs from "Where You Find Love"
Songs from "Left on 56" with the Smoking Guns
Unreleased Songs
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