Chancellor Greenstein: No More Tuition Increases!
As students at the 14 universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, we demand that Chancellor Greenstein, the PASSHE Board of Governors, and our university presidents oppose further increases in student tuition.

These policies would predominantly impact working-class and low-income students across the board. They would also provide a path for our state legislature to continue defunding the state system, which is already at a historic low. The Chancellor and Board should instead be using the power of their office to push for policies which provide a path towards full funding free and accessible college for all. This means rejecting PASSHE-wide increases, and any individual campus policies that raise tuition or fees.

We stand for a state system that helps students and our communities thrive. The reasons behind our demands are simple: Tuition and fees at PASSHE have gone up more than 20% in recent years, thanks in part to misleading “pay-per-credit hour” schemes. The result? Greater student debt—over $30,000 for every graduating student in Pennsylvania, the highest average of any state. Meanwhile, the state only contributes 13% towards the final cost of tuition. In addition, most students and campus workers receive poverty wages for work-study, food service, subcontract work, and other campus work. This leaves working class and low-income students unable to pay for school, care for our families, and support our basic needs; in addition to the rigors of their academic work.

PASSHE is a public system funded by taxpayers and students. It should be prioritizing policies and programs that support and protect students, campus workers, faculty, and our communities; rather than driving us further into debt. As the Pennsylvania Student Power Network, we are committed to fighting for economic and racial justice and a higher education system that is free, accessible, and equitable for all.

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