Senior - March 2020
Scholarship Applications - Assignment Due March 31
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We would like all seniors to apply for at least one local scholarship this month for tutoring. Find a scholarship that is for students in your community or one that is mainly for WV students.
Check with your school's guidance office to see what scholarships are currently available. You can also do a scholarship search at UB is happy to help with recommendation letters or proofreading essays.

Here are some suggestions:

Citizens Scholar Award (Randolph, Tucker, and Pocahontas) - due April 10

Davis Health System Foundation (Randolph, Barbour, Tucker, Pocahontas) - due March 31

Pendleton County Students - use this link to check out your local scholarships

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TRIO Student Support Services
If the college you are planning to attend has a TRIO Student Support Services Program we would like you to apply for it as part of tutoring this month (if you have not yet applied).

Concord - - apply online using this link

Glenville - - contact SSS staff or apply with your Academic Advisor

Marshall - - apply online using this link

Shepherd - - download form and give to your Academic Advisor (UB will mail for you)

WVU - - see your Academic Advisor for paper application and turn completed form back in to Academic Advisor (UB will mail for you)

WVU Tech -
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If you answered no, please explain why your SSS application is not complete.
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