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At Discourse Media, we value community — and we want our relationships with our communities to be built on a foundation of trust. That's why Discourse journalists work with people on the ground to share stories and information that has real relevance to their lives.

Today, countries around the world are confronting a lack of public trust in media. According to a recent report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, "bias, spin and hidden agendas come across as the main reasons for lack of trust in the news media, along with a perceived decline in journalistic standards driven by greater competition and some online business models."

You deserve news coverage that is fair, accurate and responsible. We want to be an organization that operates with your confidence.

With that in mind, Discourse recently joined the Trusting News project, which aims to help newsrooms around the world increase trust with their readership. The project looks at how people decide what to trust, and then turns that knowledge into actionable strategies for journalists. Over the next few months, Discourse will be testing these strategies, and we want your feedback!

Tell us how we're doing by sharing your observations in the form, below.

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