Destination Imagination Interest Form
Denver Public Schools is proud to bring Destination Imagination to your school!
Destination Imagination is preparing Colorado’s kids to be the innovators of the future by combining the arts, sciences, and technology with creativity, teamwork, and problem solving.
In order to be successful and offer this opportunity to our students, we need adult volunteers as well. If your student is interested in competing this year, please consider co-managing a team!

1. We offer on-line and in-person training for all team managers!
2. Your team can be as small or as large as YOU want it to be (not to exceed 7 members)
3. Your team does NOT have to be restricted to only students at the same school- you can have multiple schools represented on one team!
4. As the team manager- you get to decide when the team meets and how they meet and you make it work for you!
5. Remember- this is STUDENT DRIVEN! You are there to supervise and help by asking questions and offering instant challenges- you should not worry about solving the challenge with them!
6. I am with you 100% of the journey and happy to answer any questions at any time.

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