CELT Initial Request Form
This initial form is where you can request for support from CELT. The person making this request is referred to as the 'owner'. Your request does not need to go into great detail, but provide enough information for CELT to understand what you need (the 'what'), and why you need it (the 'why'). If you already know ways in which your needs can be met (the 'how') please indicate this here - but the 'how' is not required at this stage.
Email *
Owner *
Your name, or the name of the person who will be CELT's main contact should the project be approved.
Request *
A short sentence about your proposal. This will become the title of the project should it be continued.
What do you want? *
A brief description of what you are proposing. Are you asking for a solution to a problem? Are you asking for an inquiry into some specific educational technology? Are you looking to develop some specific pedagogical approaches, or to trial some innovative practice? Whatever your proposal, it is not necessary to go into too many specifics: You just need to give enough information for CELT to understand what your proposal is about. The specifics of how this might be achieved will form the next stage of the process, should this proposal be accepted.
Why do you want it? *
In this section is important as it forms the basis of how we determine whether the project has been successful or not. You need to address two things: Firstly, you should make it clear that your proposal is responding to a specific need or addressing a specific problem; Secondly, you need to indicate what change you are hoping the project will achieve. Both of these things should be clearly to the benefit of yourself professionally, your students pedagogically, or to the University collectively.
Which of CELT's priorities does it align to? *
CELT functions within clearly-defined parameters, and for us to justify working on any project we need to show that it fits within our remit. In this section, you should indicate which aspects of our remit is reflected in your proposal.
What happens next?
When you submit this form, it will be sent to CELT and added the agenda of the next CELT Review Board. Key criteria considered by the Review Board will be:

- Does the request fit with CELT's Mission Priorities?
- Does CELT have the resources to meet this request?
- Can the request be met by existing support and provisions, or;
- Does the request entail new training?
- Does the request entail new technology platforms?

You will be notified of the decision of the CELT Review Board by email.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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