Felt Initiative Student Application (English Tutoring Nonprofit)
Welcome to Felt Initiative! We are a student-led English tutoring nonprofit that has native English-speaking tutors (from US/Canada/UK/Australia) and provides virtual English tutoring AT NO COST to ESL students and foreign students around the world. Currently, we have over 150 student-tutor pairs that are actively learning. All of the volunteers are high school, college, and middle school students that receive volunteer hours for their tutoring - which most high schools, colleges, and middle schools require! 

Each of our tutors has gone through an interview process to ensure that they are the right fit for the role and participate in a training session before they meet you/your student. They are passionate, engaging and caring individuals who will go to great lengths to ensure your/your student's experience will be enjoyable and memorable. With a wide selection of custom lessons and options (reading/listening, mock conversations, pronunciation, homework help and more), our team is always working to give you/student your best possible experience.

If you/your child is between the ages of 7 and 22 years old, you may sign up to be tutored. Make sure you fill out each section completely. There are limited spots available so the form may close when spots are filled. We look forward to meeting you!

Questions? Send an email to feltinitiative@gmail.com!
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What is the student's full English name? *
If the student is younger than 18, what is the parent/guardian's name?
Student's birthday (month/day/year)
Country and Time Zone
Student's Native Language (or language they are most familiar with)
Contact Method
If your contact method you have chosen a contact method that needs Usernames/IDs/Identification Numbers to find you, enter this information below so the tutor can contact you. For example, (Instagram: @feltinitiative). It is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT that you provide this information or we will not be able to contact you.

If other, specify how we can contact you and the username/ID.
What is another method we can contact you? (and what is the username/ID?) This is optional, but will be very helpful if we cannot reach you with the first method.
Which live video platform do you best prefer (used for tutor sessions, screen-sharing)? If you choose "other", make sure that the platform has a screen-sharing option.
Level of English (1 - no English understanding, 10 - highly advanced)
What type of tutoring would the student like to receive?
If other, what do you want the tutor to focus on?
Do you understand that guardians are responsible for all student's actions during tutoring sessions and communication platforms? (only those under the age of 18 and tutors will be responsible by Felt Initiative) If you are over 18, do you understand that you are responsible for your own actions and communication and will act appropriately?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
If someone recommended this to you, who was it?
I confirm that I am signing up as a STUDENT, not a tutor. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, fill out this form instead: https://forms.gle/vzBdcJ37vuxZM4B6A
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