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Starting August 2016 // 4 Months // 2 Days per week // 2.5 hours per day // FREE domain name and hosting of your professional website for 2 years // Various trendy locations // Introducing you to real life experiences and opportunities of a life time // Gain confidence while building your skills and your business. To learn more please visit http://bit.ly/HVThinkTankTO
Girls’ achievements and interests are shaped by the environment around them!
hEr VOLUTION’s Think Tank Accelerator Program was designed to assist young women 15 – 18 who are in or at risk of being in conflict with the law to gain employable skills and confidence that could be transferable into daily life.
How else can you qualify for this program? You identify with one or more of the following:
- Up to 26 of age with interest in learning about business

- Low Income

- Toronto Community Housing Tenants

- New Immigrants

Who are the youth in conflict with the law?
- Socially and economically disadvantaged youth committing minor crimes as means of supporting themselves

- Victims of offenses, particularly young women.

- Victims of violence or abuse

Who are the youth at risk of being in conflict with the law?
- Youth being at the wrong place at the wrong time, especially youth living in community housing

- Youth witnessing abuse

- Youth living in an area where there is a lot of crime taking place

- Youth from low income household

- Homeless youth

- Youth whose parents are marginalized, have mental health issues, and/or are criminalized

- New Immigrants

How is #HVThinkTank going to help?
- Introduce young women to innovative employable skills which are key for securing jobs in today’s marketplace

- Introduce young women to business skills crucial to startup of their own business

* Business Planning
* Marketing
* Financial Planning and Literacy
* Web Development
* Public Speaking
* Introduce young women to an innovative learning experience

- Having high level experts from the field facilitate workshops

- Some classes will run in various locations giving the young women the firsthand experience of working in today’s companies

- Introduce young women to life skills

- First hand interaction with business leaders

- Introducing young women to coping mechanisms of stress

- Intersect the young women with the business community through a mentorship component of the program via WIBN network

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