First Baptist Church Small Group Interest Survey
Please take a few minutes to complete a survey about your interests in small groups at First Baptist Church
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What age bracket are you in?
What best describes you?
A small group is a close-knit community of believers who study The Word, do missional work, and pray together on a regular basis. What would be your ideal type of small group? (You can check one more than)
Where would you prefer to meet with your small group?
What days and times work best for you to participate in a small group?
Please use the scale below to indicate how First Baptist Church is fulfilling your spiritual needs, and if you would like more or less of the following:
1 (Less)
5 (More)
Biblical Teaching
Service Projects
What are you interested in studying to further develop your spiritual journey?
What topics or books of the Bible are you interested in studying?
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What types of formats do you like to use for small groups?
What are some ideas you have for service projects you could do with a small group?
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God gives each of us gifts to use and glorify Him. What are the gifts God has given you to use at First Baptist Church that will glorify God?
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