New Adult Scavenger Hunt takeover signups
The New Adult Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group is an extension of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt biannual event. It was created to be a community of both new adult authors and readers to learn the latest information on the Hunt, share news on NA books and events, and hold open discussions about new adult novels.

This takeover is a pre-hunt event in preparation of the 2018 Summer New Adult Scavenger Hunt, which will run June 27th thru July 1st. During the months of May and June, we would like to invite NA authors (and/or upper YA authors) to come and host on the New Adult Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group for a single day to talk about their novels and engage with our readers.

Note: the age range represented in new adult novels is 18 thru 25; and we welcome all new adult genres and subgenres including fantasy, historical, science-fiction, romance, etc..

New Adult Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group:

New Adult Scavenger Hunt Webpage:

You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours of signing up.

Takeover openings -
May 1st - Lynn Stevens
May 2nd - Rachel A. Marks
May 3rd - Polly Lamb
May 4th - Lisa Manterfield
May 5th - Liz Gavin
May 6th - Cecily Wolfe
May 7th -
May 8th - Katrina Marie
May 9th -
May 10th -
May 11th - C.D. Gorri
May 12th - Caroline Andrus
May 13th -
May 14th - Romarin Demetri
May 15th - Meg Hafdahl
May 16th -
May 17th -
May 18th - Kelsey Ketch
May 19th - Tawdra Kandle
May 20th - Adrian Wolfe
May 21st -
May 22nd -
May 23rd -
May 24th - rayona lovely wilson
May 25th -
May 26th -
May 27th -
May 28th -
May 29th -
May 30th -
May 31st -

June 1st - D. L. Pitchford
June 2nd- J.P. Grider
June 3rd - Katlyn DeRouen
June 4th -
June 5th -
June 6th - Kim Briggs
June 7th -
June 8th- Char Webster
June 9th -
June 10th -
June 11th -
June 12th -
June 13th -
June 14th -
June 15th -
June 16th -
June 17th -
June 18th -
June 19th - Jillian Liota
June 20th -
June 21st - Pat Esden
June 22nd -
June 23rd -
June 24th -
June 25th - SF Benson
June 26th -
June 27th - Erica Marselas
June 28th -
June 29th -
June 30th - Matthew G Claybrook

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